STUBC Wk_8: Blog Audit

My Blogging Plans

I wasn’t much into blogging or tech. The thought of either would have disinterested me in every way. I am still not the biggest fan of blogging but i have a better understanding and a better knowledge of how to make it more enjoyable.

Since I have been doing this challenge I have been able to write, which I enjoy very much, though I am not sure how much I actually enjoy blogging. I do not think that there will be much of a future with blogging and myself, although I know how that if I ever change my mind then I will at least have a knowledge of how to blog.

I had had fun and I have had struggles throughout this challenge. I am sure that it will help some people in the future. I thought that the story was excellent and that it was fun being a part of that experience through reading.

STUBC Week 7: Celebrations & Festivities

My favorite holiday of the year is far and away Christmas . Everything about it is wonderful, especially Christmas eve, sugar cookies, presents, the first snowfall and decorating snowmen. Christmas will forever be my favorite holiday do to it’s many joys and events. The following will be a poem about my experiences with Christmas’s  true wonderful aspects through my childhood.

The snow slowly falls as I stick out my tongue,

A beautiful unique snowflake falls on my nose

A smack in the face from a snowball that my sister flung,

A war has just started with forts at the ready

We separate into different teams before assigning roles,

Everyone in position, Ready, Setty…

Go! Everyone racing, anything but a stroll,

Our family’s competition reaches an all time high

Once our youngest sibling gets to cold to be outside we know that our day is done,

We all walked indoor tired, a snowman family to which we say goodbye

As we head to the kitchen we are all handed a hot chocolate,

The end of the night, a reminisce of Christmas light

STUBC_Week 5: Music- Song Creation

My Song Creation

Above is the link to a song that I created on Google Song-Maker. I started using different variations and changing them. How I created my song was that I drew the word Olivia, my name, and then I altered the notes that didn’t seem right to me before adding notes to the sound of a keyboard to accentuate them from the rest. It was actually quite simple and only took about 10 minutes. It was really fun to play with and create your own music that it personal to you and is all your own. Have fun and I hope that you enjoy my music!

GRA Ch_31-37_Blog Post

Viji describes walking to sell Kutti (p. 139) – “ wasn’t just my feet that dragged. It was like my mind was dragging my heart along, and it and the rest of my body didn’t want to come.”  What is something (either a personal possession or pet) that you would have a super hard time giving up even if you had no choice?   or What is something that you had to give up or sacrifice?  Explain that experience.

I believe that a possession  that I would have a hard time giving away, would be my all of my clothes. I don’t really have any fancy clothes, but I have like 40 t-shirts. When I think about objects that I wouldn’t want to give away, I don’t necessarily think of anything right away. After a while my first thought was my bed because I love sleep. My second thought was my clothes, but I chose them because I think that we can all agree that people need clothes.

Week 4, Task Two: Free Choice

We are currently reading the book The Bridge Home, our task for week 4 is Free Choice. Recently we performed a concert where a few selected students got up to share there song lyrics, these song lyrics were to be written about what fills our heart and soul. I have decided to write a poem of 4 lines for 5 things that fill my heart and soul. On an added note there is an extra line in there to transition from family to friends. I made it my goal to attempt to have them all become one poem by steadily keeping one factor the same and moving the story along. The factor is the snow, which symbolizes emotions throughout the poem. Hope you enjoy depicting this poem in your own way, for that is one of the best joys in life!

  • Christmas
  • Farming
  • Family
  • Friends
  • Food

A beautiful red and a marvelous shade of green,

Nothing can ever deter me from a perfect Christmas dream

When I see a shadow of snow, which I know it must be,

I look around, so familiar with everything I see

Snow blanketing the once plentiful fields,

Corn harvested, every tractor in a barn, concealed

The cattle never leave the comfort of the straw,

As soon as the snow falls, they run inside for thaw

When winter has fallen down up our sleeping house,

We realize the fortunate luck of our family’s size,

From the corner of my eye I find my father seeing smiling spouse

Watching the snow leap to the ground , I hope that this moment never dies.

I slide on a pair of boots, torn and worn out,

Slowly making my way down the long and winding gravel path to the large yellow vehicle,

A thought, when this snow melts is to be the furthest from a drought

I arrive at school to see them all lined up against a wall waiting for my arrival,

When I see them every worry and trouble drifts away, every downspout

My Preferred time of day when the meal lay out,

All the best things, spread for a look out

When I see a line of all the people that I know,

There is only one prerogative for this sudden sprout

Connections with Text_Bridge Home

Throughout the story, we were to make connections and write them down on a piece of paper. In the beginning it seemed to be an impossible task to make connections to a life that was a complete change to what we are used to. Being sick yet not having the opportunity for health care, digging through a dumpster for food, and getting money from digging through garbage. Throughout the story though, you see that you could make connections to the smaller things that they go through and experience. An experience that I thought I connected most to was Rukku’s bracelet making business. Rukku was needed to be a source of money in rough times. While I did not connect to the rough times that they went through, when I was 10 years of age, I myself started the exact same sort of business after I received a bracelet making set for Christmas. It failed after about 2 weeks, but I have managed to sell 10 bracelets for $1.50 each. While I didn’t connect exactly to Rukku’s situation, I could take a small part of a bigger situation and connect to it through her own experience.

The Bridge Home Ch. 23_30 Poem

Free-Photos / Pixabay


A place for silence and serenity,

Each rock an essential amenity

The wind flows with leaves a plenty,

Looking for a smash of pavement and not finding any

A field of cattle and goats roaming about,

Looks as though heaven has fallen down

With a barn and a pair of boots for chores,

You could never go wrong when walking along this road of gravel

The country is forever, full and heady with an abundance of memories


I used a picture of a country road from Pixabay, it a great easy way to insert a picture without concern of copyright. I chose a gravel road because the country will always hold a special place in my heart where I spent my childhood. I chose the poem task because I love reading poetry and writing it. I believe that poetry is a wonderful way to express feelings and emotions. It was a fairly easy task and it was also a lot of fun!

GRA_Chapter_16-22 Bucket List

Character Bucket List: Viggi

  1. Get money to send Rukku to school

2. Become a teacher

3. Donate money to beggars

4. Never waste food at weddings, events, etc

5. Always stay in contact to Muthu and Arul

6. Go to College

7. Make sure that Rukku, Arul, Cooti, and Muthu never get hurt

8. See Amma again

9. Stand up to Appa

10. Have a nice live for her children and help those around her

I believe that Viggi would want to accomplish these things because she believes that a good education and a motivational teacher is important in a child’s life for a good role model. To second that Viggi has always dreamed of becoming a teacher and being that role model for other children in their journey of life. Third I believe that she would never want other children to have the bad experiences that she had to face. When she would get a job and a steady income, I think that she would start giving back to others who helped her and were their for her. I feel as though she would never again waste food after she has lived in a life was food was scarcer. I believe that she will always stay in contact with Arul and Muthu because they were there for her in her time of weakness. Also college because she would want a strong foundation of knowledge as a teacher. I don’t believe that she would ever want to see any of her friends hurt after all that they have been through together. She would probably want to see Amma again because when they were being abused and ridiculed she wished them the best and tried to protect them. She may even want to stand up to Appa or seek help for him in a rehab. All in all she would probably want the people that she loves and those around her to have a nice life that they will enjoy and can thrive in.


How to make a quality comment.

I created this poster using google doc. The C is for complimenting what you think they did well in their post. As a writer it is nice to hear what you did well, it can be just as helpful as critique to know what you did well. Whenever you see something that you like, say something! The O is for openly discussing what they could have done better, knowing how the public responds to what you write helps you achieve better responses with your next writing piece. The first M is for make sure that your data is accurate. If you are correcting or comparing anything in their writing then you must make sure that your information is accurate, just as the writer should also check. Your comments will be there for anybody to see so make sure that is is accurate and correct. The second M is for making small talk and asking them how they are doing. Being friendly will make is easier for them to accept your critique because they will know that you are not being rude, you are just trying to help their writing improve. The E is for excellence: let them know when they exceed in their writing. If they make an impressive connection or an make an understated or simple argument invigorating then you should 100% mention it. The N is for NEVER be rude through your comments. it takes a certain level of courage to post your thoughts for people to see and the writer’s opinion should never be shot down. If you have different opinions than the writer then don’t hide them, they could make for a very pleasing conversation, but by all means never put them in a rude for. Like I said earlier about making small talk, it always lets the writer know that you just want o be friendly, also you should leave out negative words such as never, horrible, terrible, etc. It could leave the writer feeling bad about there writing, or making them unnecessarily change a good point in their post. Last but not least, the T stands for take a moment to thank them for posting. You should always end your commenting thanking them for posting and maybe even bringing up one of your favorite things about the passage or saying something in your own experience that relates to their passage. If you are hoping that they message back then a question is suitable for the comment. Make sure that all of your questions do not make them feel uncomfortable and do not obtain within their personal life.  Comments aren’t hard as long as you are nice and reasonable. Let’s make our cyber lives great and only post helpful and supporting comments!

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